Obesity Today Is A Big Concern Essay

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Obesity today is a big concern. In every state in the United States, there is at least a 20% obesity rate. The two highest rates are in West Virginia and Mississippi with obesity rates of 35.1%. It has been discovered that the states in the South and Midwest have the highest rates. The lowest rate, however, is in Colorado, with a rate of 21.3%. Studies have shown that within a year (2012-2013) six states- Delaware, New Jersey, Tennessee, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska- have shown notable change in their obesity rates.
A study done by the Centers of Disease Control showed that since 1980, one third of our adult population has become overweight. The continued advance of obesity today should emphasize how big of an issue it is. According to the CDC, individuals do not have the correct facts and incentive in order to successfully prevent obesity. Another opinion is that eating is an “automatic behavior” in which the atmosphere has more control than the people. Automatic behaviors are those that occur without consciousness, are started without purpose, tend to continue lacking control, and operate capably with little work. The concept that eating is an automatic behavior is reinforced by studies that confirm the effect of the setting and food appearance on intake. The amount of food eaten is influenced by reasons like portion size, food appeal, and food availability. Moreover, people are often unaware of the amount of food they have eaten or of the environmental influences on their…

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