Obesity : The Fight Against Childhood Obesity Essay

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With that being said, the soda tax would help so much because it would stop the consumers from buying, which would be one step closer to people losing weight and eating healthier. Soda has so much sugar and caffeine that helps the body stay awake and energized for what seems like a long time but most likely only lasts about an hour. Eating a fruit in the morning gives you more energy than drinking a cup of coffee or soda. Much more energy than people can even believe. It is not a matter of losing money if anything; it will help the government make money and use it for the better in the United States. Obesity brings many lifelong health risks and endless debt of hospital bills. “Obesity has been linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer” (“Should the U.S. Government Be Involved in The Fight Against Childhood Obesity?” 1). Many have started to refer to this obesity increase as the “Obesity epidemic.” With these heavy medical bills, it makes it harder for someone who is referred to as obese to even pay for healthy food to begin weight loss. It is easier to go out and buy something off the McDonalds dollar menu because it is cheap, already made and just takes a second to grab and go. With healthy food it could take up to an hour to actually make before serving, and it is very expensive to buy all the ingredients to make a healthy meal. It is food industries fault, they put so many flavorings and ingredients that…

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