Obesity : Obesity, And The Sub Factors That Arise From The Disease Epidemic

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The positive correlation of obesity has increased by a substantial amount over the last half a century but more so over the past decade. Obesity is now reaching global epidemic proportions and is associated with impairments to overall wellbeing and health, which in turn can lead to early mortality. Obesity can be defined as a person who carries abnormal or excessive fat accumulation (World Health Organisation,2015). The World Health Organisation (WHO) have a specialised obesity section and has now become to be known globally as a ‘non-communicable’ disease. Global epidemic is defined as…. Obesity continues to become a problem in the modern society and can be due to many factors. This essay will look at the main factors that contribute to obesity, and the sub-factors that arise from the ‘disease’. There are many factors that contribute to obesity, but the main factors are physical inactivity, socioeconomic status, consumption of convenience food and caloric consumption.
The British Nutrition Foundation have guidelines to maintain a healthy, balanced diet – for a Female the caloric intake is measured at 2,000Kcal per day and for a male it is 2,500Kcal per day. Therefore, it is crucial that calories consumed are right for the lifestyle you lead- if you are sedentary, then the calories would need to be decreased in order to prevent obesity from occurring-it would be stored as adipose tissue.
The Department of Health recommend that as an adult to maintain optimal health, then…

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