Essay about Obesity Is Becoming A Global Epidemic

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Over the years, the U.S. has seen a tremendous increase in the obesity rates in both children and adults. Many have stopped to question what is causing this increase. Researchers have found that poverty links to obesity, leading to a huge impact on the obesity epidemic. Since poor people cannot afford a healthy lifestyle, obesity rates are increasing, and it’s affecting the over health of human beings. Obesity is a hot topic for many, but for starters, what is “obesity?” Obesity is having too much body mass or being overweight. It can also refer to when the body weight is greater than the body height. Obesity rates are increasing among children, adults, and the elderly. According to a journal article by Tahereh Hojjat , the obesity rates have doubled since 1970 to about 30 percent. There are about 30 percent of 11 year olds that are overweight, and 12.6 percent of elderly are overweight (81). This clearly shows that obesity rates are growing constantly and that obesity is becoming a global epidemic. What causes obesity? Obesity can be caused by many things such as, overeating, physical inactivity, medications and eating high carbohydrates, but a giant factor to obesity is poverty. James Levine, an endocrinologist, states that “people in America who live in the most poverty dense counties are the most prone to obesity” (1). In other words, people who have a low income are most likely to be obese. Levine also points out that counties with poverty rates of 35% or less have…

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