Obesity Is An Epidemic And A Disease Essay

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Obesity is an epidemic and a disease that many people take lightly. Obesity can kill, and unfortunately, many American people are obese. This illness is growing, affecting more people, and yet, people still do not understand the severity of this disease. This obesity problem does not have a simple solution. Based on how society is now, the rise on obesity through the years is no surprise. Firstly, obesity is a sensitive topic because obesity can be a caused by a mental health issue or genetics; however, the leading causes of obesity is a person 's behavioral lifestyle that is filled with a lack of exercise, poor nutrition intake and knowledge about nutrition. This topic is only sensitive because obese people tend to be a victim to negative comments. For example, a research showed that children are more susceptible to bullying when the child is obese (CNN). As a result, our society is leaning more into the fact that all body shapes are beautiful. This sends a great message to children; however, there is a point where fat becomes unhealthy. Society is taking this obesity issue lightly. Secondly, fast food restaurants are easily accessible to many people, whether those people are children, young adults or adults. Not only is fast food easily accessible, the food is cheap. Moreover, there are dollar menus in many fast food restaurants. Since buying food is easier than cooking, more people are becoming lazy and just purchasing food. Continuing the topic of laziness, exercise is…

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