Obesity Is A Serious Health Issue Essay

1007 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
America has easily become one of the most obese countries in the world, due to the overwhelming consumption of fast food. Whether fast food is controlled by the government or not, and whether it is the consumer’s choice to eat fast food or not, there is no question that obesity is a serious health issue in the United States. David Zinczenko author of “Don’t Blame the Eater”, believes that producers of fast food are the ones to blame for obesity. On the other hand, Radley Balko author of “What You Eat Is Your Business”, believes the consumer should be held accountable for their own eating habits. David Zinczenko and Radley Balko both argue that obesity is a problem in the United States. However, both authors have different views on who is to blame.

When it comes to fast food, almost anywhere you turn there is a restaurant in every corner. Zincenko believes fast food restaurants are to blame for obesity, as it is a convenient option. He goes on to say “But where exactly are consumers –particularly teenagers-supposed to find alternatives? Drive down any thoroughfare in America, and I guarantee you’ll see one of our country’s more than 13,000 McDonalds restaurants” (Zinczenko 392). Not only does Zinckenko believe the availability of fast food is too easily attained but he doesn’t believe the consumer should be held responsible for their decisions. To the author fast food restaurants are the ones who entice consumers. He finds that with so many McDonald’s available it…

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