Summary: The Issue Of Childhood Obesity

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The issue of child obesity has been a hot topic for many years. Health issues like obesity has effected hundreds of children in the United States. When children go to school they tend to follow their fellow classmates especially when it comes to school lunches. Kids would buy anything that is bright and colorful. Most of obesity has to do with peer pressure because if a certain friend does not pick the food that is pasta, patatos, or loaded with calories; instead, they pick something more healthy like a salad, fruit cups etc, they may not be as cool to their peers, for there food choices. Unfortunately most schools take away our athletics programs because lack of funds, decreasing the chance of physical activity during school hours. Depending …show more content…
Many schools are serving more junk food; instead of, serving foods like vegetables and, fruits. There are some schools trying to improve their meals, but this progression is often slowed down by financial problems. The chief at a school was saying that food being served to kids at school contains mostly fatty foods, and the chief would give to a dog not a child. Oliver is determined to create a healthier nation. ” I was in South Africa in the townships, I saw a better school meal there in a chantey town than in the middle of London it is bizarre. Everything is estically the same.” (Jamie Oliver). While Oliver was looking at the children chicken nuggets and comparing it to the reformed version to serve to kids there was three food ingredients difference. Jamie Oliver could say “ninety- percent of England today had unbalanced today diet”. (Oliver 2:07). “First once obesity is established in adults it is very hard and expensive to treat, which sometimes does not work that well, so prevention makes a greats of sense. Second, childhood is a place to learn habits eating and physical activity. Teaching good healthy habits could perform years of a healthy lifestyle. The last reason perhaps the most important society is willing to take actions to protect children against bad things, so getting rid of things like soft drinks, snacks in schools, and cracking down on advisement to …show more content…
If a parents is running late from an office, the child is left home with a babysitter he/she will let child eat all the surger food they want. Then you have those parents that will leave kids home for a weeks at a time ;instead of, leave kids ready healthy meals, parents leave what it is called pizza money. This is usually how kids can get what they want, it is called tantrums it occurs mostly in stores where other people shopping sit there in stare, so parent feels pressured and gives in to the child desired snack like candy, chips, or soda. The company that put these bright packaged colors already know how a child mind would be to make sure the parent or guardian spends dollar after dollar on these high calorie foods. Most people when a certain snack says “contains real fruit” it does not even come to mind to look at fact content in that back of the box. People just because it has real fruit does not mean that there is no surger that is why kids like those snacks because that each individual package of the fruit snack contains at least twenty calories. Years ago there was no such thing having snacks in between meals it was all about having fun with other kids. Now a days have snack in between meals is naturel. Thirty years ago, kids ate just one snack a day, whereas now they are trending toward three snacks, resulting in an additional 200 calories a day. And one in five school-age children

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