Obesity In France Essay

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The rate of obesity varies in different regions of the world, which indicates that there are different reasons causing this disease. France is less affected by obesity in comparison to U.S; therefore, by comparing these two countries one can find out why there is a huge increase in the rates and the factors affecting this growth in rates.

The price of a meal and how convenient it is to find food has a crucial role in the development of a nation’s lifestyle. The cost of buying a meal from McDonalds is way cheaper than a bag of vegetables from the grocery store. Therefore, for someone who is on a budget such as university students, it would be way better and convenient for them to simply buy junk food and getting full rather than buying your own groceries and wasting time on making your own food. However in France, it’s the opposite, where fast food costs way more than a bag of vegetables. Not only is fast food in USA cheaper than healthy food, but it is also way more convenient as in you can simply order food using your phone and it will be by doorstep in under an hour. However in France, fast food restaurants aren’t made available everywhere and some do not even have delivery options.

Not only does the type of food eaten help cause a person to
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This ideology is not true, because the long term effect is what really makes obesity a significant matter. The most common consequence of obesity is psychosocial. Psychosocial consequences are simply the social factors that play a role in the overweight of children. Studies show that as obese children mature in age they can become targets of discrimination which can lead to depression and low self esteem. One outcome of discrimination is that overweight children may choose friends that are younger than them just because they are less judgmental and less inclined to discriminate about the older child’s

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