Essay on Obesity : Friend Or Foe?

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Obesity: Friend or Foe?
Child and youth obesity is a growing problem in America, and it has grown considerably in recent years. Just having a few extra pounds does not automatically label a child or adolescent as obese, but it could suggest he/she could easily gain weight. Many people today would say that an overweight child is simply going through a phase, and as he/she gets older he/she will lose the extra pounds, or some might even say that if the child is happy then why does it matter. The reality is that even though childhood obesity is complex, the causes and effects are similar to those of adults. With so many children and youth suffering from obesity it is easy to see that it is an immense problem, and there are several reasons as to why it is. Obesity in children and teenagers is a problem because; they have a higher risk of suffering from different kinds of health problems, the extra weight can also have a huge psychological impact, and the obesity these kids suffer from can also have an economic impact in their lives and those around them. First of all, being overweight as a child comes with many health risks. High cholesterol or high blood pressure is often thought of as an adult problem, sadly kids can suffer from it too. The reality is that in recent years high cholesterol and high blood pressure can be found in obese children. For example, Alex, who at age 7 started gaining weight, but with the help of her mom, Tammy Benton, and a pediatrician she was able…

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