Obesity And The Rise Of Obesity Essay

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Important phenomenon
Obese children is on the rise

It 's sad to see in the world today all the obese children. Obesity can break you down and kill you. It gives you low self esteem and depression. Some children can 't help that they are overweight, some have medical problems that keeping them from losing weight. The world is continuing to change each day and obesity is on the rise. These are my three reasons why obesity in children are a problem in the United States.
Most children are obese because of the foods they consume. The world has changed so much since in the past hundred years. Children today don 't have to hunt for food, their parents provide that food for them. Since advancement in technology, we have seen obesity become a bigger problem in the US. It seems that fast food are encouraging little kids to eat out because of the toys that come with it. Eating out all the time can be bad for your body. The prices of fast food is pretty cheap these day. Some parents rather eat out than cook at home. Ross states the obesity rate has increased in the last 30 years “The percentages has increased from 7% in 1970 to 18% in 2010 in kids 6 to 11 years old”. That number is still increasing today. So what do we do about it? We need to stop these bad habits of eating fast foods and junk food. Many children deal with their depression when they get teased for being overweight. There are many risks to being overweight such as depression, joint problems, sleeping problems and…

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