Obesity And The Obesity Rate Essay

1003 Words Nov 24th, 2014 5 Pages
American is known as one of the most obese countries in the world. The media has depicted a stigma that were lazy and unknowing to the health problem we face from obesity. Many Americans in today society face obesity due to horrible eating habits, and lack of energy. Fast food industries are attacked frequently for the items they chose to broadcast or display on their menu. The whole idea that fast food industries are the ones to blame for the obesity rate is preposterous. Americans have to take responsibility for their behavior when it comes to consuming nourishment. A sense of responsibility has to be placed upon the person who is consuming these food products. I believe fast food industries shouldn’t be held accountable for the obesity rate, because as an American you have the choice to purchase the items you desire. The obesity rate runs very high in America according to numerous studies done throughout the years. Studies have proven other factors come into play when dealing with obesity. Obesity is not mainly focused on what someone is consuming, but how they are maintaining themselves. Obesity has no type of person it chooses to effect in life. Many Americans are dealing with health issues due to them being overweight. The main targets of the cause of obesity in America are the fast food industries. Americans love the thrill of having food delivered fast to fulfill their quick hunger needs. Customers have the idea that they can have any meal immediately made,…

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