Obesity And Its Effect On Our Life Essay

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This paper will discuss the topic of obesity and its significant effect on our life, long-term health problems; it is psychological, financial cost on society and what needs to be done to confront, it is implications. Obesity is affected by four main components: lifestyle, fat storage, appetite, and hormones. An obese person’s lifestyle is mostly sedentary, lacking participation in physical activity and overeating unhealthy foods. When there are excess calories in the body, there is an increase in accumulation of fats (Pearson, 2015) Appetite is regulated by the hypothalamus and signals the body when to eat and when to stop. In an obese person, their appetite increases due to the regulation of excessive eating. Several hormones regulate obesity such as insulin, thyroid hormone, and leptin. However, the body develops a tolerance to these hormones over time. History of Obesity
The history of obesity date back many years. Since the early 1960s, obesity among adults more than doubled, increasing from 13 to 35 percent in U.S. The lower MET rate or value means a lower level of physical activity involved. In the United States, the MET value went down from 235 MET-hours per week in 1965 to 160 MET-hours per week in 2009. (Qidwae, A., 2012) 30 percent of Americans in 1950 worked in occupations that required some physical activity. In 1960, about 67 percent of the workforce drove to work, in contrast, this percentage…

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