Obesity : A Serious Issue Essay

835 Words May 28th, 2015 4 Pages
Obesity is a serious issue that causes several negative impacts in the United States as well as in the whole world, and although many experts in the country are trying to get rid of obesity, it is almost impossible to do so. In my second essay, I’ve learned many things about obesity that I never knew before thanks to the internet resources and library. But, in the end, I think the most important concept that I learned about my problem is how obesity able to create negative impact in the U.S economy.
Despite the fact that many people understand about how obesity can afflict adults as well as children with physical illnesses and how those individuals might have larger chances to encounter with social criticism and psychological problems than others, it still shocks them to know that obesity is strongly effect the economy of United States. In my essay, medical complications associated with obesity is proven to cost billions of dollar a year and the money that patients have to pay for health care is estimated at ten thousand dollars per person. Not only that, obesity also creates problem for those who are obese, people lose money in form of losing wages and having to buy more gas because they are being overweight. Obese workers cost managers a huge offer of the extra expenses connected with their lower productivity and sick days, therefore those workers’ salaries will be deducted due to the fact that they cost more than others. Gaining weight of drivers in noncommercial…

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