Obesity : A Common Problem Essay example

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1) In a paragraph, summarize the article overall. In today’s society, Obesity, a common problem found in almost every state is a new disease that is fast approaching. This article provided a lot of statistics on the variety of people who are obese, risk factors, causes of overweight and obesity, and provided many questions and answers that were very informational. Between 2003-2006 and 2007-2008 the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that over two-thirds of adults in the United States are obese. Obesity and Overweight are two different things: Obesity is actually having too much body fat. Obesity grows over time with the more unhealthy choices a person makes. Whereas, being overweight is referring to the amount of body weight that a person has, such as, muscles, bones, tissue, and water. To ensure we stay healthy and not get to overweight we have to be able to burn off the same, if not more calories then we consume. This article mentions that the main result of people becoming obese or overweight is simply from energy imbalance. That is why it is important to watch what you eat and exercise daily. By doing these things a person can limit having further issues in the future like, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, and many other diseases/conditions.
2) What two things did you learn from this article?
From this article I learned that by getting involved in some type of physical activity a person could often reduce the risk of…

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