Essay On Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is a disease where those that suffer from it become dependent on alcohol. As a result, addicts are often undernourished in essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Consistent overuse of alcohol prevents the body from absorbing and digesting these nutrients and ultimately can lead to serious diseases (2). Also, addicts typically acquire poor eating habits which lead to intense cravings when trying to end the addiction. However, proper nutrition can have an impact on recovery because a part of becoming sober is changing bad habits into good habits. Through education of how alcohol effects the body, better nutritional choices can be made to ease the process. An addict’s diet usually consist of high carbohydrate …show more content…
The addiction can be triggered by biological conditions such as genetics, psychological issues or socio-cultural causes. Abusing alcohol intake results in malnutrition and dehydration (4). Furthermore, alcohol puts a lot of stress on the liver which can cause inability to properly breakdown toxins and stabilize blood sugar levels. The brain is also affected because neurotransmitters become manipulated and this affects judgment and decision making capabilities. This type of harm is inevitable for those who become dependent or have an addiction to alcohol. Additionally, addicts are incapable of having a balanced diet because alcohol does not allow for nutrients to be properly absorbed (2). For example, proteins which are essential for cell structure, transportation of substances between cells and for their enzyme behavior/role cannot be vitalized. Less amino acids form proteins are absorbed in the intestine when alcohol is present in the body. Also, albumin, a blood protein, will decrease production along with other blood clotting factors (3). Vitamins, which are essential for metabolism, become present in small amounts in an alcoholics body and can lead to serious illnesses, such as liver failure. Vitamin C, folic acid and B vitamins levels are effected the most by alcohol use (1). Therefore, malnutrition will result if these lost nutrients are not replenished for extended period of

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