Essay On Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

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Effects of alcohol on the body Alcohol is described as a depressant, it is everywhere, at parties, in restaurants and in millions of citizen’s homes. Financial struggles, family disputes and even just the desire of a “good time” are all reasons why 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes each year (“Alcohol Facts and Statistics”). Those who consume alcohol do not understand that the long-term effects of alcohol on the body are far worse than the symptoms that drove the victim to consume it. To say the least, alcohol leads to a noticeable amount of weight gain. The reasoning is not only behind the happy hour and half price appetizers that come with it, and Sunday hangovers spent in bed all day avoiding exercise are not the main cause; …show more content…
However, statistics say that in 2014 “about 8.7 million Americans between ages 12-20 report current alcohol consumption” (“Underage Drinking Statistics”). Underage drinking has to come from somewhere, and parents are the first that a child looks up to, but a parent doesn’t have to drink alcohol in front of their child to show them a bad example. Having it the household or even talking about drinking alcohol in front of their children is bad enough. Now understanding what alcohol does to an adult body, it is obvious the effects on an evolving teenage body have to be much more severe. There is so much growing and developing going on in a young adult’s body, alcohol can only disrupt that. High school and college parties wouldn’t be parties without the alcohol, and with hundreds of other classmates around, students cannot fight the urge of drinking. Adolescents obviously don’t have the maturity and self-control that an adult has, therefore the chances of violence and other crimes are much higher than those of adults’. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services says “at least 50% of college student sexual assaults are associated with alcohol use” (“High Risk Drinking in College” 14). Not including the emotional toll that sexual assault has on the victim, 25% of college students have a STD. Parents, stressed and overwhelmed with work and bills, would never think of such dreadful circumstances their habits could lead their children too. Otherwise they would surely think twice before engaging in any activity involving alcohol around their

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