Nutrition On A Budget, Falls Prevention, Low Impact Exercises, And Stress Management

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nutrition on a budget, falls prevention, low impact exercises, and stress management; the topics were tailored for aging adults with a lower income. The Age is an Asset program is an intensive 12-week program where participants meet at the Samaritan house during week days for eight hours a day to learn a variety of skills, such as certificate training (safe food handling, CPR courses), writing a resume, wellness training, communication skills, and computer skills.
The demographic of the target group was Brandon residents who were 55 or older and re-entering the workforce. The gender of the group was equally balanced and attendees in the class varied between wanting to start their own business, to those who needed to work to receive employee insurance to cover the cost of medication. The backgrounds of the participants varied, some of those attending were supporting family members, a portion of the attendees were on social assistance and welfare, and half of the attendees were of Aboriginal descent.
To find attendees, the program coordinator placed advertising in “News in a Minute” which is a free newspaper that is often found in coffee shops and in local businesses. Advertisement was also placed in the free Brandon website, “eBrandon”. By having the advertisement on eBrandon, those who are looking for a job through the classified site, may come across this program to aid them to gain skills to return to the workforce. These are great ways to access people in this…

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