Nursing Theory And Nursing Theories In Nursing

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In nursing, research is not carried out simply to answer research questions or test hypotheses, but rather, it is conducted to develop thorough testing or generating of theory, a body of knowledge exceptional to the field (Gillis & Jackson, 2002). Theories offer a framework or structure that describes, predicts, and explains. They also provide organization of nursing knowledge and a systematic means of gathering information to predict, explain, and describe the nursing practice. Notably, theories exceptional to nursing assist in defining how nursing is distinct from other fields. Theories that focus on central phenomena within nursing revolving around the concepts of person, environment, nursing, and health, are referred to as nursing theories …show more content…
They are also not useful as guides for nursing practice. Most often, grand theories need further specification and separation of general statements for them to be theoretically justified and empirically tested (Gillis & Jackson, 2002). Middle-range theories which were initially introduced in the late 1960s look at a part of reality and constitute precisely defined variables in which the nature and direction of associations are denoted. In the recent past, these theories have gained more fame than grand theories because they tend to be more specific, have a stronger connection to research and practice, and constitute fewer variables or ideas that are operationally defined and tangible. On the other hand, practice or prescriptive theories are significant in the development of a science of nursing practice (McEwen & Willis, 2002). Their main aim is to offer knowledge about what nurses do in their practice, how they get to do what they do and the outcomes. Practice theories are considered to be more specific compared to middle-range theories, producing specific guidelines or directions for …show more content…
The concept of health was founded on one 's ability to operate independently as outlined in the fourteen elements, and that nurses need to stress enhancement of health and prevention and cure of illness (Gillis & Jackson, 2002). With nursing, one is expected to assist and support the patient in life activities and the achievement of independence. According to Henderson, nurses should have the knowledge to practice human and individualized care in addition to being a scientific

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