Nursing Theories And Application Of Nursing Essay

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In the graduate education, every course has their own objectives to accomplish and new things to teach students. As an advanced practice nursing (APN) student, theory fundamentals play an important part in the future of an APN career because theories are what make nursing practice a profession (Cruz,2008). The graduate nursing theory course provided understanding about the purpose of nursing theories and application of theories into the advanced practice setting. The purpose of this paper is to further discuss how nursing theories can be applied in practice, how theories are used to evaluate ideas, explore application of nursing metaparadigms of nursing theory and discuss application of various theories in advanced nursing practice.
Reaction to Course Objectives Nursing theory is a framework for advanced nursing practice. Nursing theory serves as a resource to guide practice. Nursing theories are based on research findings from theorist observations. Application of theories into practice allows for APNs to make appropriate decisions and evaluate patient care outcomes with evidence from theory findings (Davidson,2012). Applying theories also allows APN to thoroughly examine, assess, set guidelines, apply abstract principles and critical thinking gathered from the knowledge of theoretical frameworks into practice (Davidson,2012). “When nurses view their practice through the application of theory, it opens them to more self-reflection for professional…

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