Essay on Nursing Philosophy And Role As An Educator

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Philosophy in nursing is the fundamental basis of practice; it promotes the appropriate application of nursing knowledge including the development of further nursing theory and knowledge (Marchuk, 2014). Throughout my nursing career, my personal philosophy has centered on the embracing and providing care that is embodied in the art of conveying nursing science holistically with compassion and dignity and being with the patient wholeheartedly. The purpose of this paper is to describe my nursing philosophy and role as an educator, define what type of leadership style best fits my abilities, explain what leadership theory would be appropriate for my role in education, and describe how I envision my leadership evolving in the next five years. Leadership can be innate or learned quality, that allows a person to rise to any occasion, face challenges, be a champion, a role model, a team player, innovative, problem solver while guiding followers to travel on a clear path to ensure success. Being a leader is not a small feat, it requires particular qualities such as being honest, good moral and ethical behavior, good listener, critical thinker, being able to embrace and forge through challenges. A leader need to a visionary with creativity and intuition to manage and adapt to any challenging and unpredictable situations, an excellent communicator and a great listener. My ambition as a nurse educator and a leader will embody all these qualities, which will allow me to guide and mold…

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