Nursing Is A Combination Of Art And Science Essay

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Professionalization of Nursing

In Singapore, Nursing has undergone through professionalization. Before defining Nursing as a profession, we should look at what constitutes professionalization and profession. According to Hamilton (1992 p.32), professionalization is “the process by which an occupation develops the characteristics of a profession". Webster 's Dictionary (quoted in Gokenbach, 2013) defined profession as a "chosen, paid occupation requiring prolonged training and formal qualification". Nursing is a combination of art and science. It is conquered by the idea of service, in which certain values are applied in the skill for care of sick people or health education of the well-being, with a proper relationship between patient, physician, and other health care personnel. It requires formal qualification and rigorous training in the health care industry.

The framework for professionalism in nursing begins with our early roots with Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp. The legend has struggled and brought respect to the nursing profession. Nursing started out as a career that was based on a application of specific skills, trained to do specific tasks. Following, it evolved into profession because it requires not merely mundane task but to promote health, prevent illness and assist patient who are suffering from disease with broad-advanced technology.

Public perception
Although it has been said that Nursing is a profession, has it been…

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