Essay on Nursing Care Plan: Terminal Illness and End-of-Life

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Nursing Care Plan: Terminal Illness and End-of-Life
Lisa White
Western Governors University
Community and Population Health

September 07, 2013

Nursing Care Plan: Terminal Illness and End-of-Life
Personal Perceptions
Quality of life is an individual concept that is different for each person. Personal perception of quality of life may differ from the reality of one’s life. My perception of quality of life and health promotion include a close relationship with spouse and family, a general sense of contentment and happiness, good health and an active lifestyle. The nurse caring for a patient with a terminal or lingering illness must be cognitive of his/her own feelings regarding end-of-life choices to effectively care for
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Information about local cancer support groups should be given to the patient and husband and the nurse should encourage participation. The nurse should also assess the need for spiritual counseling with both patient and husband and arrange for this service through the home health or hospice agency.
Holistic Nursing Action Plan
A holistic nursing action plan is one that is inclusive of physical, psychological, social, financial and spiritual needs. The initial evaluation of the patient should include assessment of the patient and family needs as well as the home environment. The nurse should formulate a plan of care to include nursing services, personal care assistance, durable medical equipment, medical social work, and spiritual support. This plan should include the following assessment and nursing diagnoses: ineffective pain control, education deficit related to pain management, social isolation, lack of family involvement and anxiety related to the disease process, financial issues and husband’s wellbeing.
Following the assessment phase, realistic goals should be made in the planning stage of the care plan. The first goal should be to arrange for adequate pain management as the patient’s pain has been poorly controlled. Along with this goal the nurse should provide education related to pain management to include the

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