Mobility In Nursing

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Variables that may influence the ability to achieve the desired outcomes for the patient
These variables include patient variables that may exist inform of their preparedness to embrace the care, former outcomes of nursing involvements, physiological stage and background. Nurse related variables including proficiency, the specified duration of action and creativity are also a part of the variables that can affect the care given. The available capitals, continuous education, and good policy guiding practice all have a role to play (Potter, Perry, Stockert & Hall, 2013).
How the plan of care is modified when the outcomes are not met
In case the outcomes are not met, the practitioner needs to reexamine each of the previous steps of the entire
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The patient should be able to mobilize and identify the early signs of wound formation upon discharge. The patient should be able to demonstrate the ability to move around without sitting for long in the wheelchair, along demonstrating the importance of mobility. The outcomes are psychomotor since the patient will have to demonstrate the importance of mobility, physiologic since he will show the ability to turn and cognitive because the patient will highlight the learnt information about pressure …show more content…
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