Nursing Assistant: A Short Story

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It was a hot summer day, when a thought occurred to Riley, “I need a job badly- just as much as I need sex!” she chuckles to herself. As usual, she talks to herself; it’s just a part of who she is. This talking to herself is her genetic makeup so to speak. Riley can’t avoid it; in fact, she’s done so all her life. There was never a time when she didn’t daydream or talk to herself. As she continues to ponder on this job searching, more like job window-shopping. She stumbles across a nursing home where she could practice or malpractice her profession, which was and currently is on paper that is- a certified nursing assistant. Does she love this profession? Perhaps she would if given the right tools and the right doors being opened to her where …show more content…
“This seems like a rather laid-back place, I could see myself in this position for the next four months or so,” perfect little stepping-stone towards what Riley really wanted. This nursing home was small and cozy, it had all the latest technology, but what was Riley’s problem- well she knew exactly what is was “dammit, here we go again! I hope my anxieties don’t get the best of me” So she entered the doors of this nursing home, let’s just call this place St. Mary’s Nursing home close by to Riley’s home. “Maybe just five minutes away from home- not too shabby!” she muttered to herself. “Okay, okay- remember not to talk to yourself- people are watching for Christ sake.” “Good morning Miss.” “Oh good morning, it’s Riley George- how do you do?” Since Riley had watched so much Television in her childhood, it was apparent that she would respond in an awkward yet familiar character way. It was a form of a self-defense mechanism challenging her thoughts where she would fist fight back with them. Was Riley truly this persona she just created she thought, but as soon as the front desk attendant spoke- she had no time to really give it much thought. She flipped the switch once again, “So yes, I am here to apply for a nursing assistant position, this here is my resume!” there she goes again-responding as some sort of TV actresses or maybe in this case actor. Who knows at times, but that

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