Nucor Swot Case Study Essay

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Mission Statement
The following is Nucor’s Mission Statement from their company website:

Nucor Corporation is made up of 17,300 teammates whose goal is to "Take Care of Our Customers." We are accomplishing this by being the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most productive and most profitable steel and steel products company in the world. We are committed to doing this while being cultural and environmental stewards in our communities where we live and work. We are succeeding by working together.

Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose Nucor is a leading steel manufacturer and recycler in the United States. Their headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the company is made up of about 17,300
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The 25 percent included more than 20 companies, who under bankruptcy protection. These companies were allowed to sell steel cheaper than non-bankrupt companies, therefore maintaining their profit share. The steel industry is still trying to recover from bankrupt companies. Besides bankruptcy, the steel industry is facing economic issues due to a weak dollar, which hurt the domestic market. Global competition has been a large player in the steel industry, with competitors currently consolidating to become “mega” players in the industry. Many domestic companies are also pairing up with international players, such as Nucor’s relationship with companies in Brazil, Australia, China and Japan. There have been pressures to consolidate in order to obtain economies of scale. Opening up of the market does allow for a wider range of customers, though. Rising energy prices have also had an effect on the steel industry. Rising prices have led to a decrease in demand for construction projects, automobiles, and farm equipment, which are some of the major consumers of steel products.

Sociological The current environmental trend and quest to go green has led a shift in consumer attitude towards more sustainable products. This has affected the steel industry in a shift from steel products to alternatives that are cheaper and more sustainable, like plastics. Although plastics can replace some steel products, they typically aren’t strong

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