Nuclear Weapons Of The Cold War Essay examples

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While deterrent strategies have proven successful, especially during the Cold War, the recent emergence of international terrorist organizations reveals a major flaw of the deterrence theory. It cannot be assumed that terrorists will worry about the negative consequences they will suffer if they bomb another country with nuclear weapons; on the contrary, it is not unsafe to assume that they will readily bomb other countries to instigate terror in people. Therefore, it is irrefutable that extreme measures need to be taken to prevent terrorist organizations laying hands on these weapons. The proliferation of nuclear technology or weapons to countries with high terrorist activity is thus highly risky. If proliferation to Iran is successful, “the likelihood that non-state terrorists will get their hands on nuclear weaponry increases” (Nunn). Even nuclear technology proliferation is dangerous because then “Iran stops short of testing a nuclear weapon but develops a breakout capability, the capacity to build and test one quite quickly”(Waltz). For example, Japan can quickly build a nuclear weapon because they have years of experience working with nuclear reactors and because of their extensive plutonium stockpile. If terrorists in Iran or surrounding nations obtain these resources such as enriched plutonium, and the technology needed to build nuclear weapons quickly, an existentialist crisis emerges. Moreover, if Iran actually decides to develop nuclear weapons, terrorist…

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