Nuclear Weapons No Threat A Threat

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Nuclear weapons do not pose a threat to global peace and security like it used to. This opinion is based on my limited knowledge about who currently has the weaponry, how much do they have and how willing they are to use it. The media has portrayed scenarios regarding weapons of mass destruction as dangerous measures used in desperate times of war. However, my experiences of war are limited to a textbook. I was not raised in the midst of warfare and thus cannot recognize whether it 's a real threat. What I have been raised in for the past 20 years is media announcing countries that have become a nuclear free state or zone. I’ve come to realize that it’s a universal understanding to avoid the use of nuclear weapons as well as weapons of mass …show more content…
Nuclear weapons used to be a huge threat during WWII and the effects of the Manhattan bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Both locations are still plagued with effects of the chemicals on the environment. People who lived through that nightmare and those of us who have been taught of the carnal wreckage the bomb caused are afraid of the very idea of another country using a nuclear bomb against another. Just the thought that another country has the access to a bomb with the magnitude to kill an entire region is threatening enough. However, I do not believe a country would actually dispel a bomb today because of the multitude of effects it can cause. Such as igniting a global war and environmental meltdown. The last 30 years have been spent in countries around the world joining to prevent nuclear war by creating treaties and agreements banning weapons from regional areas. The costs are too great, human life. The experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have traumatized countries from using WMD. The avoidance of a widespread warzone and environmental decay are also important reasons for the lack of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons used throughout history. North Korea has been the most recent country to test bombs and I do not believe they would use it because of the threat it signifies. The threat is too great between human loss, environmental damage, and global war to be

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