The Pros And Cons Of Trident

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Trident is the UKs nuclear fleet, comprised of four submarines, equipped with ballistic missiles the have a range of 7,500 miles. The current missiles have the equivalent “killing power” of eight Hiroshima’s. The current generation of submarines will need replacing during the 2020s procuring a cost of £23.4bn; this figure will rise to around £100bn by the time decommission occurs forty years later. Do they serve any purpose?

Trident evolved from the Polaris submarine system, which was created to counter the nuclear threat posed by soviets during the cold war. Clearly this is no longer an issue however do they have any value in today’s world? The week claims “Nuclear weapons have guaranteed our security for generations. They remain the
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Just imagine how much further humanity would be if nuclear weapons never came into being. Instead of the billions poured into weaponry, why not better humanity, feed the poor and make this planet just that much more bearable for the abused and downtrodden. In the unlikely event of a nuclear apocalypse only untold misery to millions of people would ensue, even today those who survived Hiroshima have their faces deformed and contorted. It is this, which advocates of nuclear weapons strive for the belittling of humanity? How can the nations of the world ever come into peace coexistence while nuclear weapons remain? It would indeed be a great loss, to see the human race, a race of such diversity and creativity disappear, due to the stupidity of a few. It is time for people to realise that nuclear weapons only seek to divide us and bring about untold misery. Do nuclear weapon show how far humanity has come, or shows how little we have learned? For humanity is still needlessly aggressive, it is time for use to realise these traits are obsolete, in a world, which could provide for everyone. It is time for humanity to grow up and work towards a future, which will set people free from constraints of coercive governments, who attempt to use nuclear weapons to control and to conform. Ultimately those who order the missiles to fire will not suffer as we will suffer, for they have nuclear bunkers in which to take shelter. By agreeing with the use of such weapons you are agreeing to be used as cannon fodder. It is time for people to realise this is all nuclear weapons and trident will ever achieve, untold misery. The first step towards a peaceful world free of constraints like governments and borders is to decommission of nuclear weapons worldwide, to help ensure the

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