Nuclear Waste And Environmental Problems Essay example

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I. Introduction

II. Open dump and environmental problems

III. Early landfills

IV. Modern landfills

V. Mariannhill Landfill, South Africa

VI. Conclusion


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), also known as refuse, trash, rubbish or garbage, refers to a type of waste that comprises of items that are discarded by the public every day. The management of this waste has evolved over the years. This forms the basis of this essay.

Open dump and environmental problems

Open dumps are the illegally dumped and abandoned piles of refuse and garbage. These are usually in large quantities. In most countries, citizens are fined if found dumping their garbage at open dumps. These open dumps are mainly found in forests, swimming pools, abandoned buildings and forests. The reason as to why they are discouraged is because of their varied environmental effects. First, they breed pests, as well as vectors of diseases. This poses a great threat to the people in the environment. Other environmental effects include inhalation of toxic gases, contamination of water intended for drinking, soil contamination, damage to wildlife and plant habitats and injuries to children who might be playing around the site.

Early landfills

Landfills are sites for disposal of rubbish. Early landfills were based on the fact that garbage should be dumped at a common site for easier management. However, they did not take other vital factors into consideration, leading into the bubonic plague, which…

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