The Future Of Nuclear Energy

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The world today is progressing technologically at an increasingly fast rate. Thus, people are needing to use a larger amount of energy. With most of the world’s energy coming from fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. With global warming on the rise and fossil fuels diminishing; it has become imperative that this energy crisis needs to have a solution. The energy crisis has been causing much concern on how the future will be powered. With multiple different forms of energy in the world, there must be at least one that could be the solution to the energy crisis. Although nuclear energy can be dangerous in unprofessional hands. Still, Nuclear energy could be the solution to the crisis that everyone is searching for.
Clean Energy
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It can also be beneficial to the world financially. Nuclear energy creates several new jobs that would normally be in low demand. More jobs mean that more money is being pumped into the country which means that the economy of the skyrockets. In addition to boosting the economy, it also helps the individual by providing work for the unemployed citizens that need jobs. Creating nuclear power plants are a beneficial process.
Nuclear power plants benefit the economy in several ways. One way is it creates several jobs. “The average 1,000-megawatt plant creates over 100,000 jobs for citizens” (Spence W.L. 2) This, in turn, boosts the economy by putting unemployed people to work and creating more tax revenue. Thus, making the nation benefit economically.
Another way nuclear energy boosts the economy is by the amount of energy that is created. “A 1,000-megawatt plant creates around $450 million in revenue every year. With only $40 million in wages. The total 99 plants in the United states create $40 to $50 billion dollars every year. This makes the jobs life supporting to many community members seeking jobs” (Spence W.L. 2) Proving that Nuclear energy can hold its own financially and can compete against other major power
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It is a clean and renewable energy source that has no carbon emissions and has fewer environmental consequences than any other technologies currently. It also can help boost the economy by being able to fully compete with other energy companies, creating a significant amount of jobs for normal citizens and those with a military background, and generating a large amount of tax revenue from the business. Finally, it is a completely safe form of energy with new designs in power plants and reactors completely changing the safety and productivity of the plant, to different safety guards put into place in order for engineers and scientists to make a quick decision without consequences. Nuclear energy is the solution for the energy crisis and could make clean and safe energy for generations to come. If nations across the world agreed to stop burning fossil fuels and instead agreed to change to the much safer and environmentally safer energy source, Nuclear energy, the planet could begin to reverse some of the damages that have been caused by global

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