Nuclear Energy And Nuclear Power Essay

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Nuclear energy, or power, is the process by which nuclear processes beneath the earth 's surface are utilized in such a way that they safely produce heat and electricity at a relatively cheap cost. Nuclear energy has made tremendous strides in the recent years but has faced opposition from innumerable sources which have effectively stunted the growth of this form of energy. Events such as the Chernobyl disaster have given nuclear power a bad reputation but have also forced a pursuit of safer ways to bring nuclear energy to consumers. Organizations like the US Navy are able to employ nuclear energy in daily operations and have done so quite effectively. Nuclear energy, though having a rough past, should be seeing more use in commercial production of heat and electricity because of newer and safer technology that has been introduced. Often considered a scientific phenomenon by the general public, nuclear energy production is actually a simple process very similar to other methods of energy creation. Simply speaking, water is turned into steam at nuclear power plants and this steam in turn drives the turbine generator to produce electricity. This is nearly identical to how energy is created in plants utilizing water, wind, or coal with a minor difference which is how the water is actually vaporized. Through a process called nuclear fission, heat is created by the splitting of uranium atoms. The heat produced by the fission is enough to vaporize the water and consequently…

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