Essay Nt2580 Research Project Part 2

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Project Part 2: Security Domain and Strategies Now that Richman Investments has expanded with more offices, locations and clients, the need for protection of assets are greater. We have decided to implement the following policy for removable media: Richman Investments staff may only use Richman Investments’ removable media in their work computers. Richman Investments removable media may not be connected to or used in computers that are not owned or leased by the Richman Investments without explicit permission of the Richman Investments IT manager. Sensitive information should be stored on removable media only when required in the performance of your assigned duties or when providing information required by other state or federal …show more content…
The company is liable for an employee’s action. Spam, mass mailing lists, playing games or engaging in online chat groups should be prohibited. Desktop and laptop users must make use of business loaded antivirus software to check all data on their PCS, downloaded data or data transferred via disks. Data loaded onto the network servers or sent outside the company must be virus checked.
Users must not be allowed to disable such software. Administrators can maintain better control of PC’s by implementing group policies as per departmental functions so that users cannot tamper with configurations. Always make sure that the latest updates/patches for all operating systems and application have been installed thus ensuring any known vulnerabilities are taken care of. Software and tools provided by Systems Management Servers can be used to audit all PCs. It is important to make users aware of the security policy and the risks that a business can run into if they are not followed correctly. Richman Investments will continue to educate users by regularly sending emails, holding awareness sessions and putting posters on notice boards. User education cannot be taken lightly, after the ”ILOVEYOU” virus (2000), which only required one user to open that email message and attachment to flood email servers and gateways. With the added number of employees, office expansion and crossing of the U.S. borders, Richman

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