Now Who 's The Criminal Essay

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Now Who’s the Criminal
Immigration is a controversial issue in the United States. Whether it is kicking illegal immigrants out of the country or stopping immigrants from entering in the first place, one thing is for sure: immigration is the topic of the day. However, when the U.S. looks at the illegal immigrants, instead of trying to understand the situations they are dealing with been dealing with, they view them as a threat. In the story, Mother’s Tongue, an illegal immigrant named Jose Luis comes to the U.S. in the search for a better life but learns that accomplishing this will not be as easy as he thinks. Jose Luis is considered a criminal in the eyes of the U.S. law because he fail to take the necessary steps to become a legal resident. He had intended on coming to the U.S. legally, but the way the immigration system was designed, it would have taken too long to achieve that goal. He couldn’t afford to waste time because he was escaping the war in El Salvador. Jose Luis is not a criminal because he tried to do the right thing by coming into the country legally, but fearing for his life caused him to do whatever it took to reach a secure area.
The immigration system is very complex which made escaping the war in El Salvador very difficult for Jose Luis. In fact, even attempting to accomplish each step of the immigration process is difficult. From the very beginning, most would be immigrants would need a contact in the U.S. According to the Immigrant Visa Process…

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