Nouveau Style Of Art And Architecture Essay

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Art Nouveau – ‘A style of art and architecture of the 1890s, characterised by the swelling sinuous outlines and stylized natural forms, such as flowers and leaves.’ (The definition of art nouveau) The name derives from ‘Maison de ‘Art Nouveau’, an interior design gallery in Paris in 1896 however the movement had multiple names throughout Europe, such as ‘Jgendstil’ in Germany; in Italy 'Stile Liberty ' or 'Floreale '; in Spain 'Modernista ', in Austria 'Sezessionstil ' and in France and England the term 'Modern Style ' was often used, highlighting the English roots of the movement. The Art Nouveau style doesn’t specifically come from just European history, but also involves a combination of intricate, oriental and classical elements, wanting to create a contrast from traditional forms. The movement was applied across all the arts, including interior and furniture design, illustration, fine art and architecture and was characterized with graceful, asymmetrical lines inspired from natural and organic forms, including striking and powerful imagery which is now immediately recognisable and widely appreciated as a form of artistic style.
The style includes geometrical and more abstract patterns and rhythms that were changed because of the response to historicism in the 19Th century. The components of this style asserted that all art should be available, equal and appreciated by everyone: "Art for art 's sake". There are wide variations used in this style depending on where…

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