Notes On The Game Multiplier Madness Slots Essay

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No. of Reels: 5
No. of Paylines: 10
MinBet: 0.50
MaxBet: 10.00
Bonus Round: N
Free Spins: Y
Gamble Feature: Y
Can you play on Mobile: Y
Software Provider: Playtech

Multiplier Madness Slots

In terms of size and notoriety, there are very few developers in the world that can match what Playtech has to offer. Over the years they have been able to put pedal to the metal on some of the biggest real money slot games around, with the reputation of the game creator shooting through the roof as a result. Ensuring that Playtech remains at the absolute pinnacle of the industry is new game Multiplier Madness. This game makes an impressive attempt to tap into the land-based slot machines of old, just with some engaging and innovative twists thrown into the mix for good measure.

Multiplier Madness may not carry the same approach as other Playtech real cash slots, but from what we’ve seen this is easily one of the most impressive releases from the developer to date. The following looks at why Multiplier Madness may just be the perfect bridge between classic and modern online slots play.

Like the slots of old

Multiplier Madness is immediately going to grab your attention, as it is designed to look like a real life slot machine, big buttons and all. Because of this approach, there really isn’t a set theme in place here, but there is no denying just how amazing this game looks. Every aspect of it showcases amazing detail, from the glistening of the metal to the spinning of the reels; this…

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