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Meta: Rife with colour and representing the loose cannon of the online slots world, Microgaming have thought out of the box with this release. Titled Cracker Jack, will you get the best out of this bonkers new game?

Cracker Jack Review

“Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and crackerjack, I don't care if I never get back.”

The above song is a staple of an American all-time pastime, that being the all-action sport of baseball. However, it seems that crackerjack is now seeking to feature elsewhere, branching out from the diamond-based game. Cracker Jack is a new casino slot game developed by Microgaming, with its release certainly drumming up plenty of eager player interest.

Will this be game worth
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It definitely is a classic in the sense that it adheres to the one-payline rule. When you look at the pay-table to the right, you can see the value for each symbol available in this casino slot. There are two columns featured within the game. Depending on how much you bet; one of these columns will be active for your rewards. If you bet more, you can expect a higher possible reward. By the way, there is a wild symbol in this classic styled slot too, which makes things a little more interesting when active.

Going absolutely crackers!

The wild symbol in Cracker Jack is quite fittingly the Cracker Jack. This Cracker Jack doesn’t only substitute itself to complete your pay-line, but has two more functions on top of that. If you manage to get one Cracker Jack as a substitute, it will also pay twice the amount of the winning combination. If you manage to get two cracker jacks as a substitute, it will pay four times the amount of the winning combination. Get ready to see fireworks be shot into the sky as they explode on screen when you win big. You will also hear all the coins falling to the floor as you get to collect your big payout.

Jumping Cracker

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