Essay on Notes On The Coffee Market

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I/ Overview of coffee market in Japan:

1. History of coffee in Japan:
Even though Japan has been popular for its tea culture, coffee is still one of the most favourite drinks and has become more popular within the country. Coffee was first introduced in Japan in 1800s, via Dutch trading ships (Rochelle, 2014). Since the beginning of 20th century, coffee has become preferred by important people like scholars, writers, artists and served in a unique type of store called “kissaten” - a quiet place of relaxation and a meeting place for high-class people. From the 1970s, coffee started to become familiar to the general public as more shop appeared around Tokyo districts like Shinjuku, Ginza and popular student areas like Kanda (Clancy, 2015). Nowadays, coffee has become an essential drink for a large number of Japanese people. Japan is the world’s third largest coffee consuming nation, a famous destination for worldwide coffee exporting. More and more coffee stores are opened; foreign coffee chain stores like Starbucks have entered the market; and vending machines are seen everywhere to serve the high demand of drinking coffee among Japanese citizens.

2. Consumption of coffee in Japan
All Japan Coffee Association announced the average amount of coffee consumed domestically was 11.13 cups per week in 2014 – the highest amount since 1983 (Hongo, 2015). Most of the coffee were consumed at home (7 out of 11.13 cups), followed by 3 cups consumed at workplace on average. Only a…

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