Essay on Notes On Self Driving Cars

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01Self-driving ca case study
The idea of self-driving cars in New Zealand in a not too distant future has emerged a lot of discussions relating to how this is going to happen and if that is practically happening how to resolve problems associated with it. Sine new Zealand is not a technology developer and rather technology tacker, prior importing these units, there is a lot of aspects to be looked at carefully with utmost consideration of cost,marketing,traffic, tafiff, density and control, temporary lane configuration changes and also regulations with respect to electronic speeds. As autonomous cars are highly advanced so there have to be a very strong tie of planning to organize and prioritize steps required for a successful business in order to avoid trial and error.
As a manager of the company who anticipates importing driverless cars, to yield a successful operation with a great outcome with a win-win situation, there are hierarchy of difficulties that needs to be mitigated such as: Safety; highways and driveways paths had to be restructured for designated automated driving units. How we do we plan and organize that? Limitation of sensors for driverless cars and mechanical aspect of them, these cars is equipped with advanced, highly sensitive sensors, though there are circumstances they are unable to detect with driving conditions, and how we mitigate them? Social justice; this would be vast project and involves a lot of obstacles, minor and majors, one…

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