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Introduction: The Origins of Psychology
Wilhelm Wundt
The Founder of Psychology Today, psychology is defined as the science of behavior and mental processes, a definition that reflects psychology’s origins and history.
What roles did Wundt and James play in establishing psychology? What were the early schools and approaches in psychology, and how did their views differ?

you need to understand how the definition of psychology has evolved over the past 130 years to what it is today—the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Indeed, the early history of psychology is the history of a field struggling to define itself as a separate and unique scientific discipline. The early psychologists struggled with
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To identify these structures of conscious thought, Titchener trained subjects in a procedure called introspection.
The subjects would view a simple stimulus, such as a book, and then try to reconstruct their sensations and feelings immediately after viewing it. (In psychology, a stimulus is anything perceptible to the senses, such as a sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste.) They might first report on the colors they saw, then the smells, and so on, in the attempt to create a total description of their conscious experience (Titchener,

structuralism Early school of psychology that emphasized studying the most basic components, or structures, of conscious experiences. functionalism Early school of psychology that emphasized studying the purpose, or function, of behavior and mental experiences.

William James
William James (1842–1910)
Harvard professor William James was instrumental in establishing psychology in the United States.
James’s ideas became the basis of another early school of psychology, called functionalism, which stressed studying the adaptive and practical functions of human behavior.

Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
Naturalist Charles Darwin had a profound influence on the early development of psychology. Darwin was not the first scientist to propose that complex organisms evolved from simpler species
(Caton, 2007). However, Darwin’s book,
On the Origin of Species, published in

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