Notes On ' Big Mama ' Essay

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Squeak alerted me to the signal they 'd heard. Ned set our CB radio to the channel she 'd indicated and we listened.
"Big Mama? Are you still there?" The voice asked.
I slowed to a stop in the middle of the road. Behind me, Amber stopped the van. As she opened the door and dropped to the pavement, I joined her between the two vehicles. The road, mostly covered with snow, showed pavement through the tracks we 'd left.
Buttoning my coat to my neck, I flicked up the fleece lined collar to protect against the cold. The slight wind was biting here in the north. The fields on either side of us provided nothing to block the arctic breeze.
"What do ya think?" I asked Amber as she pulled her hood up over her short hair.
I could tell by the tightness in her jaw that she was clenching her teeth. "I don 't know," she said. "What if they 're like O 'Niell?"
"They 're the Army," Kim said, coming up from behind.
"They 're the Marines," Amber corrected.
Halfway through my sentence, Kim rolled her eyes. I couldn 't believe they 're relationship had sunk to this level. Most guys wouldn 't even notice.
"Whatever," Kim acknowledged. "I just don 't think they could be all that bad."
"Back at Slippery Rock, the guys said that they were that bad," Amber explained.
"Well," Kim sighed, offhandedly.
"I say we avoid them," Amber stated, casting the first vote.
I chimed in less than a second later, "I 'm with Amber."
"I say we go to the Army," Kim countered giving Amber a…

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