Essay on Not Just A Legion By Jesse Owens

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Not Just A Legion But also An Inspiration Imagine being the only African American on a college track and field team and also being the best of the best. Jesse Owens was this star athlete. Owens was not only a star athlete, but he was an inspiration to many people in this time. Being an African American star athlete in the early 1930’s came with difficulties; however, Jesse Owens was always eager to learn, was determined to accomplish, and confident in what he did best. Jesse Owens was the best of the best, but he never took that to his head. Owens was always eager to learn. While Owens was in high school the track and field coach, Charles Riley, approached him. Riley was amazed with how Owens was proportioned, and also how fast he could run. Riley knew that Owens needed to be on his team. This was a shocking move from Riley, because Owens would be the only African American on the team. Riley took up time with Owens, and Owens knew it would be a lot of work. Once Owens started practices with Riley, Riley knew that Owens needed to work on his running. Riley took Owens to a horse race on a Sunday morning to learn the most important thing about running, which Owens was missing. Riley points out to Owens, “Horses are honest. No animal has ever told a lie. No horse has ever tried to stare another one down” (24). Riley wanted Owens to learn to put determination on his face instead of trying to do it in his running. This shows that Owens was always eager to learn, because he…

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