Not Dumb Just Different : Is Technology Making Us Dumber? Essay

980 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Not Dumb Just Different Is technology making us dumber? When social media users abbreviate or utilize “slang” does it instantly qualify an individual as being lazy, illiterate, or unintelligent? One of the major misconceptions about technology is that it distracts individuals from actually learning. That the use of social media is creating a generation of users who lack grammar or proper sentence structure. In her article “Our Semi-Literate Youth? Not So Fast?” Andrea Lunsford sheds some understanding of why these misconceptions exist. Through years of intense research, she ultimately concludes that technology is here to stay, that naysayers should not jump to the conclusion that it is intellectually damaging. Rather, they should understand that it has created the ability to express one 's’ emotions in various forms, by allowing them to alter their writing styles based on the audience being addressed.
After years of examining student writings in various forms, Lunsford argues that technology is overall a great thing. That regardless of the misconceptions of users being too reliant or being dumbed down because of social media, it ultimately results in users writing more. Which in turn, whether by grand design or pure coincidence, has enhanced the user 's writing proficiency. She explains how errors in the past, such as spelling errors, were yielding better results today because of technology. But how simultaneously technology can be the devil 's advocate, especially when…

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