North Korea Is The Threat Of A Nuclear Warfare Essay

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The current state of North Korea is an unstable dictatorship threatening the globe with nuclear attacks. The People’s Republic of Korea, or better known as North Korea, is an authoritarian, dictatorship where all power and “knowledge” hails from Kim Jong-Un. Currently North Korea is in a loose partnership with two of the world’s powerhouses, Russia and China. Russia and China can both contribute and aid North Korea if they were to release Nuclear weapons or threaten another war. Because of this presence, it is up to the American military and their alliances to maintain peace and freedom of navigation specifically in the South China Sea (Harris). The Korean peninsula is in an unstable state, due to the current actions of North Korea, including testing nuclear weaponry in the Demilitarized Zone and increasing their stockpile of Nukes. The problem that we are currently facing with North Korea is the threat of a nuclear warfare. Since the stalemate in 1953 between the Russian alliance North Korea and the US aligned South Korea, North Korea has been pushing the boundaries of the 38th Parallel line. Their dictator is power hungry and willing to lose everything for power. That is what currently is threatening the US and her allies. Because North Korea is threatening provocation and raising tensions in the East and South China Seas, there runs a high risk of escalating the current tensions (NSS CITE). The root cause of Kim Jong-Un’s threat of Nuclear Warfare stems from his desire…

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