Essay about North Kore A Country Full Of Secrets

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North Korea is not a place that most people really know about; they are a very closed-off country and are very secretive. Up until recently, many people didn’t even know of what North Korea is capable of. Recently, the production of the movie “The Interview”, has sparked much conflict between the company Sony and North Korea. The country is of violence, neglect, and power-hungry dictators. No one really knows the truth about North Korea, but what they do know is that North Korea is a country full of secrets, intent on doing what is their ruler’s best interest. North Korea happens to have a very interesting history, one that is full of violence and power. Korea used to be ruled by a dynasty; Japan colonized Korea which left the Koreans remembering the colonial rule as brutal. Korea was split between the Soviet Union and the United States which resulted in North Korea (Soviet Union) and South Korea (United States). Syngman Rhee claims jurisdiction over South Korea and Kim Il-sung claims jurisdiction over North Korea. Kim Il-sung attempted to unite both Koreas, but this resulted in the Korean War. After the war, the DMZ (demilitarized zone) was created. The DMZ is a military zone that is located on the border of North and South Korea and is there to make sure no one crosses the border from either side (History of North Korea). Pyongyang, the capital, is the richer, more lavish part of North Korea. Villages are required to attend meetings glorifying the leader; Kim…

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