North And South Compare And Contrast

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The north (including the Midwest) and the south were different societies. Although, the north and south had some similarity in that they both had small farmers and both did agriculture. They both also had major differences in their economy, transportation, communication, lifestyle and labor force.
In terms of the economy the northern and southern states were very different. The north was more modernized, the development of capitalism and the changes in life through consumption and transportation. In the north (Midwest), there were lots of small farmers. The farmers practices commercial agriculture, this is where farmers grew crops for sale. The farmers will make enough to feed their families. AS industrialization continue to grow the more
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In the north, canals and trains were their main source of transportation to transport goods for one place to another. Canals were mostly used in the north, the Erie Canal was very successful. The Erie Canal links the waters of Lake Erie in the west to the Hudson River in the east, the canal cut the cost of freight transport by 95%. Though canals offered tremendous advantages over land shipment, they could not compete with the efficiency and flexibility of the railroad. The canal boom ended with the rise of railroads which could provide year-round service and were a much safer mode of transport. Trains were American first big business, 80% of all railroads were in the north. The railroads continued to spread throughout the north and as a result industries popped up. Since there was a cheap workforce, it meant that it was cheaper to build infrastructures such as railroads, bridges and canals in the north. Due to the cheap infrastructures, it causes that the price of transportation to go down which also reduces the price of goods sold. Therefore creating a virtuous cycle in the North with low labor costs bringing industrialization and industrialization keeping labor costs low. Communication was very important in the north. Since trains became a major factor in transportation, the telegraph was used to communicate with trains. The telegraph operator uses the telegraph to coordinate movement between different trains to prevent accidents. While in the South, they were still dependent on steam boats to transport goods. Although they did have railroads but not as many as they had in the

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