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Why celebrity voice-overs?
Rarely have people in earlier days recognized or acknowledged the importance of voice-over artists. But some iconic voices have gotten through this recognition barriers, be it Don LaFontaine who was simply referenced to as “The Voice” or Hal Douglas. How these voices became iconic is a story that is not as glamorous as that of quintessential celebrities in Hollywood or on the small screen. The recognition in a visual medium is almost instantaneous compared to that through a voice medium.
There are three different categories products and services fall into and based on these categories they can opt of different types of voice over artists. One is where the content of the ad and product eclipse the voice over. In
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One can say that Morgan Freeman brings his own star power along with him to this scenario but the choice of VO artist was more tactical than that. This practice has gone beyond commercials onto mediums like documentaries, be it Morgan Freeman in March of the Penguins or Amitabh Bachchan lending his voice to the Hindi version of the same documentary, it is a calculated decision. Here the focus is character that they play during narration.
One fascinating example is that of Verizon FiOS’s campaign with Ty Burrell. Verizon chose Ty Burrell for the voice over but wanted him to play the character of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. The campaign wanted to position Verizon FiOS as an approachable and friendly brand while making it seem less complicated. Phil Dunphy, with his ‘Everyman’ voice was the perfect choice for this particular campaign. While most technology company tend to upsell speed, coverage and other technical capabilities, Verizon chose to focus on connecting with the customer on the human front.
On the flip side one might wonder why celebrities are interested in doing voice overs alone and being behind the screen. One way to rationalize this is that celebrities are now building a brand around their fame. They see voiceovers as a short commitment with greater yield. Commercials get them into their fan’s homes quicker and VOs are one more revenue stream for them.

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