Comparison Of Fatherhood In Dintiy Moore's Sons Of Mr. Green Jeans

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Fatherhood is something Americans fight about today and the significant role fathers have in their young ones life. In the story of Dintiy Moore 's "Sons of Mr.Green Jeans," we get his point of view of fatherhood and what a perfect dad might look like by giving points through the alphabet. There are points supporting the good and bad sides of fatherhood in both human and animal relationships. Another point of view we see is the author’s views as the perfect father, which his life is not the best as you think. In the point of animals, Dinty shows us how fathers play a more significant role in their young ones life. Fathers in human and animal relations have problems but in the end the care for their young ones. When Dinty found out his …show more content…
Here we see that male wolfs are just like penguins they are dedicated to providing for the cubs. Male wolfs enjoy when their young cubs come and greet them and he disgorges the food and puts them into piles so that they will not over the food. Male breadwinners fight the mothers to take care of their cubs and be a part of their life. In the end, animals have a better capability of understanding their roles in their cub’s life and impact on them. Dinty has a lot of views of fathers both in the human and animal relationship. He views that humans have the will to fight and not care about their young ones life and the importance of being a father. We also see how some people are terrified of being a father and they do not view themselves as having any worth. Like the guy from father knows best tried to kill himself because he felt his life was miserable
When it comes to animals we see that they are willing to do anything to protect them even if it means not eating for a month or not being there the whole day to find food. Dinty shows us that animals seem fit to be parents than humans, but humans do not have natural tendencies like animals to be that perfect father because everyone 's views are

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