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New Business Seller Guide Roadmap to Success

July 2013

Action plan
Ready: Start your engine q Register as a business on eBay and get access to exclusive services

Go: Accelerate your sales q Experiment with a variety of formats q Write great titles with relevant keywords and describe items completely (including flaws) multiple angles on a neutral background

Winner’s circle: Earn eBay Top Rated status and rewards q Complete 100 transactions with $1,000 in sales from US buyers least 98%

q Create a seller account and verify your business information subscription level for PayPal

q Include up to 12 clear, well-lit photos from q Optimize your listings for mobile devices q Price items competitively and offer free
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$75 billion worth of goods were sold on the site worldwide in 2012—making it an incredible year for eBay sellers! Whether you’re interested in starting a new business or expanding your existing business with an additional online sales channel, this guide will put you on the fast track to success.

Choose the right subscription level
With more free listings and no risk to list, subscription-based pricing allows you to choose the pricing structure that works best for the way you sell. Go to As a professional seller with the goal of growing your business, consider some of the following benefits of an eBay Store subscription package: Cost-effective pricing based on your selling activity • Insertion fees as low as 5¢ for fixed price listings • Discounted auction-style and fixed price insertion fees based on Store subscription • Flat final value fee rates by category Powerful marketing management tools (FREE) • A customized storefront where buyers can see all of your listings in one place • A unique URL that promotes

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