Essay on Noise Of Air Traffic Controller

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Air Traffic Controller An air traffic controller is someone who directs and monitors aircraft. Their job is to coordinate the movement of air traffic to ensure that aircrafts maintain a safe distance apart from each other. They also preserve the safety of pilots as they inform them about the weather conditions in particular flight paths. They communicate these weather changes, visibility issues, and wind conditions using radar, computers or visuals to monitor aircraft in the assigned airspace. Some controllers direct aircraft through airspace while other controllers regulate arrivals and departures. Air traffic controllers regulate air traffic either within an airport 's airspace or within an air traffic base between airports. These controllers, in the end, have big jobs as their primary concern is not just safety, but it also includes directing aircraft efficiently to minimize delays. They manage the flow of aircraft into and out of the airport airspace, guide pilots during takeoff and landing, and monitor aircraft, as they travel through the skies. Controllers usually manage multiple aircraft at the same time and must make quick decisions to ensure the safety of the aircraft. Having a career in this field can definitely put you in a lot of pressure since so much responsibility is put onto you.
To become an air traffic controller however, you must first be a U.S. citizen. After that, you have pass medical and background checks. Air traffic controllers usually have a…

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