Noise : External Noise And Internal Noise Essay

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In reference to communications, noise is anything that prevents a message from getting to the receiver completely accurately or perfectly. Noise can be divided into external noise and internal noise. External noise is a disruption in the communication that occurs outside of the mind of the receiver. This can occur between the sender to the medium, or from the medium to the receiver. Internal noise is inside the mind of the receiver that does not allow the message to be received perfectly.
When external noise occurs, the message will be disturbed when it is being sent from the sender to the receiver. These noises can exist as loud music, having a bad cell signal, lost mail, or even a light with a turn indicator on a car being burnt out. External noise is generally unavoidable and it is important to be aware of possible external noises when sending a message.
Internal noises exist in numerous ways. Having a phobia can be an internal noise. For instance, if someone is afraid of needles and aware of an upcoming shot, this can become an internal noise with receiving instructions from a doctor perfectly. Other examples of internal noise could be mental disorders, language differences, and ignorance of the topic. Internal noises can be better prevented than external noises, if the sender is aware of the noise. If in a classroom a child has ADHD, the teacher may use more activity for this child so that he/she can receive the message more accurately.
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